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PLEASE READ AND REVIEW THESE TERMS OF USE BEFORE USING THE LATIN LAWYER’S WEBSITE.  This is a legal agreement (the “AGREEMENT and PRIVACY POLICY” ) between you the user (“YOU” or “YOUR“) and Latin Lawyer Law Corporation (“Latin Lawyer” or “the firm”) regarding Your use of Latin Lawyer’s website and related non-legal services (collectively, “the WEBSITE” or “this WEBSITE”).  By using the WEBSITE, You represent and warrant that You have read and understood, and agree to be bound by, the Latin Lawyer’s Agreement and Privacy Policy.

By using the WEBSITE, You further represent and warrant that You are 18 years old or older, and that You are otherwise legally qualified to enter into contracts under applicable law.  IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS AGREEMENT, OR DO NOT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY IT OR THE PRIVACY POLICY, OR ARE NOT LEGALLY QUALIFIED TO ENTER INTO CONTRACTS, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE WEBSITE and no relationship should be interpreted from your access.


Changes / Modifications


Latin Lawyer may, at any time revise this AGREEMENT and PRIVACY POLICY by posting amended versions on the WEBSITE and changes will be effective immediately upon posting. You must review this AGREEMENT and PRIVACY POLICY periodically and if you find anything you consider unacceptable, you must leave the website immediately. Your previous and express consent will not be considered as revoked. Latin Lawyer can also discontinue that WEBSITE without any previous notice and shall have no obligation or connection with any modification or discontinuance.


Informational Purposes Only


Latin Lawyer hereby grants You a non-exclusive license to download and display the WEBSITE, and to reproduce the content located thereon, in each case solely for Your personal, non-commercial use.  The information is provided for informational purposes only and THE WEBSITE DOES NOT CONTAIN OR CONSTITUTE, AND SHOULD NOT BE INTERPRETED AS, LEGAL ADVICE, RETAINER OR LEGAL OPINION.


No Attorney-Client Relationship



To retain Latin Lawyer legal services you will need and express and written acceptance by the firm in a separate retainer. If you want to introduce an Internet or On-line Case you can use the Free Online Case Submission Form.  The use of that form does not create an immediate or automatic attorney-client relationship but only submits facts to the firm that will be preliminary analyzed by the firm and if the firm agrees to represent you, you will be contacted by email or phone and you will be provided with an written engagement agreement setting forth the basis of the representation. Unless you have executed that written engagement, no relationship will exist and you shall not represent you or any party either directly or by implication that you are involved with or represented by the firm. If you do not hear from the firm within 3 business days about your submitted case, you shall consider that the firm has decided not to represent you. The use of this form is not intended to be used for emergencies or complicated legal situations.


Unless an attorney-client relationship exists between You and the firm, You shall not represent to any third party, either directly or by implication, that You are represented by the firm, or that Latin Lawyer is in any way involved in Your matter.  Without limiting the foregoing, unless an attorney-client relationship exists between You and the firm, You shall not copy Latin Lawyer, on any e-mails or letters in a manner that could reasonably be interpreted by any third party to mean that You are represented by Latin Lawyer.


No Attorney-Client Privilege


BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A CLIENT OF THE LATIN LAWYER, INFORMATION PROVIDED BY YOU TO THE LATIN LAWYER MAY NOT BE PROTECTED BY THE ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE. If The Latin Lawyer represents another party against You, you cannot claim neither the existence of any client-attorney relationship nor the existence of a conflict of interests.


Sharing Pages of this website


You acknowledge that any communications or sharing content of this website sent by You to third parties by any means, are not private and You are the sole responsible for what would be read and understood. There is no confidentiality.


Use and privacy-Use of cookies


By using this website you agree to the use of cookies and any other website tool. If you do not agree please leave the website. If by your use of this website you have decided to send personal information to The Latin Lawyer, the reception of this information shall be confirmed in writing by email in order be protected under the privacy laws of Canada. No other legal protection would be provided.

The Latin Lawyer LC may collect information by automated systems, when you visit the website in order to learn user’s professional and commercial interests to best tailor the website for the visitors.

The Latin Lawyer LC may also receive personal information directly from users that have decide to become clients and will never keep financial information from online payments that are only accepted trought Pay Pal or any other third-party e-payment service that could become posted as available on the website. The firm can use and store personal information from clients to communicate with them and share professional advice. Clients have the right to ask for deletion and are responsible to keep updated that information. No information will be collected from minors or persons under disability. Site content is not a legal advice and it is not submitted to client-attorney privilege.


Prohibited Uses


You represent and warrant that You will not:

a.   Upload or transmit content creating an intellectual property infingement;

b.   Transmit viruses, or any destructive content;

d.   Harm The Latin Lawyer’s professional good will;

Educational content


The WEBSITE has an educational section named students, to be accessed by different students from different universities and courses where The Latin Lawyer uses to teach law or business. The access will remain under a password and students are not allowed to share the password to other people that are not involved in these courses.

Accessing students are responsible for keeping the password and doing fair use of the content that is offered for educational purposes only.


Becoming a Client


To become a client You must consent to receive periodic information from The Latin Lawyer by email sent to consent@latinlawyer.ca

Intellectual Property

With the exception of educational content, any other content of this Website is the property of the Latin Lawyer.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Latin Lawyer disclaims, and o not warrant any use, operation, error or merchantability of this Website. The Latin Lawyer will not be liable for any indirect, actual, special or statutory damages provoked by Your use of this Website.

Communication Concerning Availability of Professional Employment


The WEBSITE does not offer any professional employment even when a position is advertised. The content of the careers sections is merely informative, and the interested candidate should apply and wait for a formal reply.


Choice of Law; Jurisdiction and Venue


The WEBSITE is located and operated by Latin Lawyer Law corporation (The firm) in Vancouver, Canada.  This AGREEMENT shall be interpreted and enforced as though executed in Vancouver, Canada and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of British Columbia without regard to its conflict of law principles and the proper jurisdiction will be British Columbia Supreme Court and the parties agree to wave any objection to the personal jurisdiction of such courts expressly submitting to further extraterritorial service of process.


Amendments non severability, non-assignability, relationship


This terms of services does not create any agency, partnership or professional retainer or any form of relationship different than an internet user and a public website. The terms are no assignable or transferable, and cannot be severed by any user.